Music and Sound Recording

Naugatuck, Ct

Having the education and hands on experience in the studio, which I'm getting right now, is helping me take the right steps to where I want to be in life. The University of New Haven is a leader in Experiential Learning, which is the best way to learn; you're actively doing what you plan to do in the future. 
Why did you choose the University of New Haven?

I heard great things about the music program and the studios that are available to students. I toured the campus one day, and I was sure the University of New Haven would be on my list.  When I was accepted, I had gotten a phone call from my current advisor who had told me the good news – I was ecstatic.  Of course, I had questions, but the faculty were very eager help and tell me all about of the new gear they recently installed into the studios and about the facilities overall.   

What was the hardest part about transitioning from high school to the University of New Haven?

The hardest thing for me was getting used to having a less organized class schedule.  Having classes randomly throughout the day takes time to adjust, especially when it comes to organization. I also thought it would be difficult to find a new friend group on campus that I could connect with, but I was wrong.  Over the last two years at the University of New Haven, I've found an amazing group of friends who I’ve gotten very close with. I know living on your own is another part of college many new students worry about, but I actually enjoy being more independent and taking care of myself.

What do you like most about the University of New Haven? Or in your opinion, what is the greatest feature of the University of New Haven?

I like how the campus is very "town like", I guess you could put it that way.  In other words, it's not too busy, it's easy to navigate around, and everyone is friendly. There’s always a familiar face whenever I walk to class or step onto campus. Another great feature of the University of New Haven is the Living Learning Communities. I was placed on a floor in Gerber Hall (formerly Botwinik) surrounded by music majors with the same goals and interests as me, and some of them are my now my closest friends. 

What extracurricular clubs and organizations are you involved in?

I play guitar in an active band; so my schedule is always sporadic. But I try to attend as many Music Industry Club meetings as I can.

What are your plans for the future?

Well, after I graduate my perfect plan would be to get a job working at a studio in Boston or New York. Eventually, I want to have my own recording studio and start working with local bands and artists. 

What is your favorite University of New Haven tradition?

My favorite University of New Haven tradition would have to be the guest speakers. Very often the music department will have well-known and experienced professionals come in and present to students. Having these individuals with the same careers we are pursuing tell us about their journey in the field is very motivating.

Do you have any advice for students and their families interested in the University of New Haven?

Don't be afraid to get involved in clubs and activities! Especially if they involve your major! Experiential learning, which includes everything inside and outside of the classroom, is the best kind of learning. Don't let the opportunities get away from you; take them while they're in front of you.

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