The University of New Haven considers learning through hands-on experience to be a critical component of the education process. We strive to successfully match each student with the most appropriate work environment. It’s also a given that all three parties in the relationship — the University of New Haven, the student, and the clinical site — need to devote significant time to make it work. This balancing act, when achieved, results in a quality learning experience that can lead to developing a career-ready professional and employee.

Clinical Sites for the B.S. Program

A U.S. military dental clinic

School-based dental clinic

Driggs Elementary School 

Community Health Centers 

Yale-New Haven Hospital, Department of Dentistry

Long-term health care facilities, public health dental hygiene intern 

Government agencies 

Head Start Programs, educator intern 

University of New Haven Dental Center, student clinical instructor intern 

Researcher, industry, or dental school intern 

Hospitals, department of dentistry, clinician intern 

Connecticut State Dental Hygienists’ Association, administrative intern

Public health dental hygiene, consumer advocate intern 

Dental supply industry, sales representative intern

Study Away/Study Abroad:

Cherokee and Navajo reservations in North Carolina and Arizona

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