Student Spotlight: Evelyn Krichmar M.S.

Human Nutrition and Genomics

The concentration in Genomics allows us to be part of this critical movement in science that is changing the world of medicine, health, and nutrition.
Why did you choose to pursue your graduate degree at the University of New Haven?

I chose the University of New Haven because of the small class size, accomplished professors, and weekend class format. It is so important to work closely with my peers and teachers, as well as maintain an income in addition to my studies.

Describe the best class and/or professor you have experienced at the University of New Haven:

The best class so far has been Molecular Genomics, taught by Dr. Eva Sapi. This course was a fascinating challenge! Dr. Sapi inspires curiosity and creativity, while taking the time to get to know her students by listening to them, in order to be able to guide them. She pushes her students to accomplish learning and understanding with a personalized approach. Dr. Sapi made a lasting impression on me during the most difficult project in this course. I was in charge of designing a DNA microarray for disease research and she told me that if I were to show any science lab this project as part of my resume one day, I would get hired. That was extremely motivating and reassuring to me, as future success and employment upon graduation is crucial to graduate students.

What have you learned or experienced in your program that would be interesting for those entering the program?

I have experienced diverse topics of focus in nutrition, which have opened many doors for exploration. I am empowered to pave the path to any career that I envision, and make opportunities become a reality in this program. The concentration in Genomics allows us to be part of this critical movement in science that is changing the world of medicine, health, and nutrition. We are all playing a part of history in the making.

How is your degree at the University of New Haven going to help you reach your goals?

I dream of changing people’s health and lives through their relationship with the self, body, and with food. The complex scientific knowledge and skills that I am earning in graduate school will make me a master in my field. I will be equipped to understand, assess, advise, and educate people of all disease states, while making a contribution to the improvement of science and wellness.

Describe an especially positive experience you have had outside of the classroom, perhaps with a student organization, during the admission process, or with an office such as Career Services:

I find the educational and social seminars and events to be especially positive, as they connect me to my professors via their field of research. For example, I attended a film and information seminar about the groundbreaking Lyme disease research that Dr. Eva Sapi conducted, and felt part of this community of students and researchers, as well as part of the global health community. This compelling film event inspired me to become involved, and I plan to volunteer my time to the Lyme Disease Research Lab at the University of New Haven. I found an opportunity to gain practical scientific experience while contributing to the effort of figuring out a complex and devastating global health epidemic.