Mission and Goals of the Dietetic Internship Program

It is the mission of the Dietetic Internship Program to emphasize excellence in professional preparation and supervised practice for competence in nutrition therapy and care process, food service systems, community nutrition and wellness so that students lead purposeful and fulfilling lives as nutrition and dietetics leaders in a global society through knowledge, critical thinking, oral and written communication skills and experiential learning with a focus on community nutrition and wellness supported by graduate education.

Program Goals*:

1. Prepare dietetic interns for entry-level practice as clinical dietitians, food service managers or community nutritionists with special emphasis upon wellness.

2. Provide quality supervised practice experiences in acute and long term care settings, institutional and community food service operations, community nutrition education programs and other settings that enhance didactic education at the graduate level.

3. Prepare dietetic interns to communicate effectively in interactions with other professionals and clients.

4. Placement sites will provide first-hand experience and knowledge of food systems (food production and distribution), sustainable food practices and local community needs for access to fresh food along with enhanced nutrition education and promotion of wellness in a variety of settings.

5. Prepare dietetic internship graduates to actively contribute to the profession during and following completion of the dietetic internship. 

The mission, goals and objectives will be continually and carefully monitored for program effectiveness.

*See Program Handbook for objectives for each goal.