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UNH Guidelines for Auditing a Class

In order to receive this benefit, we must verify that you are an alum.
  1. Contact the Registrar's Office – South Campus Hall – for a registration form and to verify that there is room in the class you are interested in auditing.
    1. Undergraduate Registrar: (203) 932-7301
    2. Graduate Registrar: (203) 932-7388
    3. Registration form can be picked up in person, mailed or faxed.
  2. For alumni verification, contact either the Alumni Office which will verify on your registration form that you are an alum or present your Alumni Association Card to the Bursar's Office at time of payment.
    1. If paying by credit card, alums can fax their completed registration form to the Alumni Office – fax (203) 931-6020 – for alumni verification.  The Alumni Office will forward the registration form to the Bursar's Office.
  3. Alumni with an Undergraduate Degree can audit only an undergraduate class and alumni with a Graduate Degree can audit an undergraduate and graduate classes.
    1. $70 per credit
    2. $100 per credit
    3. Alumni are responsible for all additional costs related to the course (i.e. books, lab fees, etc.)
  4. Present the completed registration form with payment to the Bursar's Office – Maxcy Hall
    1. The Bursar's Office will accept either of the following as proof of being an alum:

                     i.     Verification on the registration form from the Alumni Office
                     ii.     A UNH Alumni Association Card