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Sarah Gawronski

Enrollment Services Coordinator, College of Arts and Sciences

I graduated from UNH in 2005 with dual degrees in Criminal Justice- Investigative Services and Psychology. I became involved on campus right away as a class officer and in SCOPE, the student committee on programming events. I encourage all students to get involved- if the University of New Haven doesn't have the club you want, start it! There is always something to do on campus and always someone around. I held several positions in the Undergraduate Student Government Association and the Charger Bulletin. While going to school I worked in the Undergraduate Admissions Office and the Student Activities Office.

Upon graduating I worked for a non-profit mental health agency in Connecticut in various positions from in-home counseling to supervising a boy's group home and a safe home for children. I am currently working on my Master's degree at the University of New Haven in Community Clinical Psychology.

I grew up in New Hampshire and I remember coming to visit the University of New Haven campus for the first time my junior year in high school and knowing it was the university for me. The small campus feel with access to the city was exactly what I was looking for. Everyone I met was so committed to the school and loved being a Charger as much as I do now. Their enthusiasm was contagious and I hope I can give prospective students the same welcome that I felt when I came on campus.

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