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Kevin Phillips

Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management

Kevin joined UNH as an assistant director in 2000, ultimately being appointed to the position of director of undergraduate admissions in 2007. Since that time, applications to UNH have nearly tripled and selectivity has dramatically increased. In fact, UNH will only accept about 45% of its applicants this year and last year, enrolled its largest incoming class ever.

Recently, Kevin was named to the post of associate vice president for enrollment management. Amazingly, UNH was able to top its performance from last year by achieving a 25% increase in deposited students for the fall of 2011. This was after a 67% increase for the fall of 2008, and an additional 15% in 2009. Many new initiatives that were implemented by Kevin and his staff resulted in UNH receiving nearly 13,000 applications for admission this year. Anyone who has followed UNH over the years would be staggered by this level of interest.

As an undergraduate student, Kevin attended both a small private university and a large state university earning degrees in History and Business Administration. While pursuing his undergraduate education, Kevin played basketball, competing at the Division II level and eventually coached basketball at the high school and college level for several years.

Kevin’s admissions experience includes leadership positions at three separate private universities in Southern New England. He started his career in higher education as an admissions counselor at Sacred Heart University in 1994. At UNH, he has served as an assistant director of undergraduate admissions, associate director of undergraduate admissions, and director of events.

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions hosts four Open Houses each year for prospective students and their families, and is open 7 days a week to meet the needs of visitors to campus.

Under Kevin’s leadership, the UNH staff has expanded campus visit opportunities to include more personalized and in-depth information; including Enhanced Visits for students interested in fields such as engineering, communication, business, visual and performing arts, forensic science, marine biology, and many more; and Charger Days for students who want to experience a day in the life of a current student here at UNH.

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    Phone: 203.932.7318
    Cell: 203.619.4362