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College of Business

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8/2/2012 12:00 AM

One thing that makes the College of Business unique at the University of New Haven is that all students in our bachelor’s degree program get a comprehensive education in general business administration through our 10-course business core curriculum, which helps to supplement their major. Majors within the College of Business include well-known programs such as accounting, marketing, management, and finance, and more unique majors such as management of sports industries, and hospitality and tourism management.


Students in the College of Business take advantage of exclusive hands-on learning opportunities in the Samuel S. Bergami Learning Center for Finance and Technology and the Student Enrichment Center. The Bergami Center provides students with state-of-the-art technology for business simulations and for analysis of current business and market trends. The Student Enrichment Center offers team and conference space for group projects and presentations for both in-class assignments and extracurricular business activities. It is also home to the Hazell Nut Café, which is run by our students as an experiential learning activity. The Hazell Nut Café was just renovated with donations from alumnus Jeffrey Hazell, who also funded the creation of the café.

Experiential Education

Programs in the College of Business include student internships, study abroad opportunities, practicum and academic service learning activities in addition to classroom instruction. Indeed, the College of Business requires its students to participate in one of these experiences before graduating and also to be involved in our extensive Professional Enrichment Program. This is not only great experiential education, but it often helps facilitate job placement.

The university’s proximity to New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, and Providence allows students to experience a wealth of internship opportunities in a variety of business settings. Practicum experiences are a growing and vital part of business education at UNH. Many of these opportunities give UNH students the chance to consult with non-profit businesses to solve business-related problems. One of these programs, the Corporate Challenge, is a six-week competition that allows students to work on a local business case study and compete for prizes. Additionally, the College of Business provides the Robert Alvine Professional Enrichment Program, which features a host of short workshops on practical subjects from study skills and use of technology to prominent speakers from professional, government, and non-profit arenas, who discuss business, leadership, or public-policy-related topics. Our students have the opportunity to attend more than 40
of these sessions each semester.

Sports management and tourism and event management students have to plan and execute an event for the students, by the students. Sports management students host an Annual Frisbee Competition and Mud Volleyball. They are responsible for raising money, funding sponsors, providing prizes, running the event, and accounting for the event in the end. The money raised is donated to a charity. The hard work is done “for the experience.”

Study Abroad

Students can also enhance their experience through a variety of Study Abroad scheduling options: semesters abroad, two-week intensive study abroad sessions, summers abroad, and more. These experiences can be customized to fit a student’s particular interest, allowing the student to not only experience world culture, but also to cultivate relevant business experience to be used later in his or her career. In the summer, a group of students from our College of Business has the opportunity to study abroad in China for two weeks with a UNH faculty member. The students visit various business centers in China such as Shenzhen, Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. They visit four to five businesses to learn about their operations and some of the problems they face. The trip is not all about business—the students also take time to explore China and learn about the Chinese culture.

The Living/Learning Community

Students in the College of Business can take advantage of living in a special business Living/Learning Community (LLC) during their freshman year. The Business LLC allows first year business students to live together, take similar courses, meet with faculty mentors throughout the year, and participate in group activities in the residence hall and off campus. Field trips are a great part of this experience. In fact, last fall, the group descended on the New Haven IKEA – not only to help outfit their living quarters, but to be oriented to the store’s unique business model by the manager.