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What’s Next for the College of Business

Release Date:
6/1/2012 9:16 AM

by Katie Fainer, Admissions Counselor

The college or university a student chooses to attend will have a major impact on the student’s life and in shaping his or her future. There are countless schools offering degree programs in various areas of study within business, so it is important to look beneath the surface when determining which school is right for you. It is also important to base this decision on where a school currently stands, as well as where it is going. 

University of New Haven College of Business classroomNow is an exciting time to be a student in the College of Business at the University of New Haven! While many colleges and universities remain set in their ways, UNH is embracing the new face of college education and taking steps forward to enhance the quality and value of its degree programs. The future of our College of Business is very bright and can be highlighted by just a few of the ways that the University of New Haven stands out from the crowd. 

Rather than simply maintaining the status quo of the traditional academic dean, the College of Business has taken the service of its students’ needs a step further by implementing the second role of executive dean. This role, filled by Lawrence P. Flanagan, former Chief Marketing Officer of Mastercard Worldwide (and 1980 alum of UNH’s marketing program!), is a way to enhance and cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit needed to be truly successful in the business world. Dean Flanagan has seen and knows firsthand exactly what it takes to climb the corporate ladder and can impart this knowledge to students and faculty members alike. 

A select few other schools, including Harvard University, have already adopted the executive dean approach, and many others will likely follow suit. However, by being at the forefront of this movement, UNH has already benefited the students within the College of Business. 

As for our academic dean, the university is currently interviewing a number of highly qualified and experienced educators who will work closely with Dean Flanagan to better our programs and provide the best possible environment in which our students can thrive.

University of New Haven College of Business classroomMany innovative new programs and opportunities have already been implemented for current and prospective students, and more are on the way. Some of these programs include our Dean’s Scholarship Challenge, a chance for incoming students to earn a full tuition scholarship by displaying their creativity and passion for business; for current students, a business plan competition was instituted to allow them to put their knowledge to good use and potentially win an iPad in the process! In addition, students can take advantage of the Professional Enrichment Program, which offers seminars and events throughout the year to reinforce and enhance the information they are gaining in the classroom via practical application experiences. 

The College of Business at the University of New Haven knows that in today’s economic climate, a student can never be too prepared to enter the workforce after graduation. For this reason, we are making strides each day to ensure that our students are not simply emerging with a business degree, but with a portfolio of concrete evidence that he or she is a step above the competition. Starting this fall, all students will be required to complete an internship before graduation, just another step towards preparation for life after college. 

More and more students graduate each year with a degree in one form or another. The University of New Haven can provide the combination of academic knowledge and real-world experience needed to help dedicated and driven students make their dreams into reality. The University of New Haven is headed in the right direction, and we hope that you will head there with us! 

College of Business — Fast Facts
There are limitless opportunities for our students in the College of Business:
 * Take classes in our state-of-the-art facilities, including the Bergami Center for Finance and Technology, Professional Enrichment Center, and Hazell Nut Café (a student-run coffee shop and Internet café).
* Study abroad in some of our unique programs, such as the “Live Like a Rock Star for a Week” spring break in Las Vegas to learn about the casino industry or our “Winter in the Caribbean” 6-credit intersession cruise for students who want to learn more about the hospitality industry.
* Get Involved in the Robert Alvine Professional Enrichment Program, a co-curricular learning experience that cannot be found on any other college campus. Students in this program get the opportunity to network with business leaders and successful alumni.
* Gain experience through one of our internships at companies such as ESPN, IBM, Aetna, Major League Baseball, Marriott, MTV, and more!
* Work alongside our award-winning faculty members, who bring years of practical experience to the classroom.