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Getting Ready for SOAR!

Release Date:
6/1/2012 9:15 AM

by Heather Brown, Admissions Representative/Charger Day Coordinator

University of New Haven's SOAR eventYou’ve applied and been accepted. You’ve chosen the University of New Haven and filled out all of your paperwork. What’s next? Getting ready for Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration—SOAR!

What is SOAR?

This two-day program for new enrolled students helps them acclimate to the campus and prepare for Opening Day. We also offer some excellent programs for parents to assist with the transition from having a student in high school to having a student at UNH.

What do students need to have a great time at SOAR? 

First and foremost, students need to make sure that they have filled out all their financial aid paperwork and, for residential students, the housing contract. Also, they must have an appointment scheduled to take care of the required physical, immunizations, and paperwork. This will save time at check-in, allowing for more time to meet fellow students! Students should pack whatever is needed to stay overnight in one of our residence halls. They should bring a pillow and sleeping bag or blanket, as well as a toothbrush, necessary toiletries, and a change of clothes!

What do parents need in order to have a great time at SOAR?

Parents should check out the itinerary of events online by visiting This site provides all the information needed to get ready for our seminars. It also provides helpful contact information for hotel accommodations in the area so that reservations can be made early.  Don’t forget to mention that you are visiting UNH, as several local hotels offer discounts to visitors!

What can students expect to accomplish at SOAR?

Students will be getting ready to hit the ground running when they start classes in August. At check-in, they will receive a personalized folder containing their itinerary.  They will also have their picture taken for their UNH ID card. After check-in is finished, students will break into their orientation groups. They will have a chance to meet with all of the students in their group as well as their orientation leader, a current UNH student and great resource.

Then students will take placement examinations for their math and English courses as well as for chemistry, if required for their major. Sample tests are available online via the orientation website. It is recommended that students take these sample tests so they know what to expect when it’s time for the real thing.

Students will also be spending some quality time with one-sixth of the members of the Class of 2016! This is a great chance for students to make some new friends—and maybe even find their roommates!

On the second and final day of the SOAR program, students will be able to register for their classes. Our faculty and staff will assist to make sure that all our students take the classes they need during their first semester.

SOAR is done—now what?

The only thing students have to worry about after SOAR ends is how many pairs of shoes and jeans to pack for the semester! Residence hall assignments will go out at the beginning of August, giving students time to contact their roommates and suitemates to decide who is bringing what. Opening Day information won’t be far behind, so you will soon have all the details for Welcome Week 2012!

I have questions. Who can I ask?

Feel free to contact your admissions counselor at any time with questions about the SOAR program. Everyone in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions is happy to help! Not sure who your admissions counselor is? Visit