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Major Spotlight: Marketing

Release Date:
6/1/2012 9:10 AM

by Corinne Merjave, Admissions Counselor

Our College of Business offers students more than ten options when it comes to choosing a major. Among these options is a bachelor of arts degree in marketing. Led by a seasoned team of faculty members, our marketing students benefit from a hands-on experiential approach. 

Graduates of our marketing program are prepared for careers in advertising, marketing research, sales, and many other business-related fields. Our faculty are well aware of hiring trends within the business field and have identified two newly emerging areas of employment for our students to pursue careers in: Web support and social marketing. 

University of New Haven's Marketing MajorAlong with the core curriculum, our marketing students can participate in unique classes such as consumer psychology, advertising, quantitative techniques, management information systems, business sales, marketing research, and e-commerce. Many of our classes have an experiential component. For example, students in advertising classes participate in a national advertising competition sponsored by the American Advertising Federation. Marketing students gain an interdisciplinary perspective working alongside students from various majors, such as music industry and graphic design. 

University of New Haven marketing students are in their third year of participation in the Google Online Marketing Challenge. Paired with businesses and nonprofits, students explore real-world advertising by creating Pre-Campaign and Post-Campaign Reports. Their partnerships with businesses and nonprofits helps students gain marketing experience while forging relationships, creating networking opportunities, and building up resumes. 

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