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Living/Learning Communities (LLC)

Release Date:
6/1/2012 9:06 AM

by Ashley Abate, Admissions Counselor

The beginning of their freshman year of college is an exciting time for students. Students create an image in their minds of what they think college will be—from classes to friends, Greek life, and living on campus! It is truly a new beginning to the rest of their lives!

In recent years, the University of New Haven has transitioned from a commuter school to primarily a residential one, with 75 percent of the student body living on campus. One of the biggest adjustments for students coming to college is learning how to live with one another in a new environment and be successful on their own without living with their parents. UNH has established unique living styles to accommodate incoming freshman and help them transition smoothly to college life.

One of the most popular housing options for incoming freshman is a Living/Learning Community, better known as an “LLC.” With its focus on experiential education, the University of New Haven applies a combination of academic and residential understanding. LLCs provide first-year students with outstanding out-of-class, co-curricular residential experiences. LLC participants benefit from additional faculty interaction, collaboration with students within their major course of study, and a variety of activities that complement in-class assignments and pertinent topics. Students are given the chance to live in communities specializing in: business, criminal justice, engineering, fire science, forensic science, interior design, marine biology, music, learning and behavioral sciences, health and wellness, honors, and ROTC. 

For more information about the Living/Learning Communities, please contact the Office of Residential Life, 203-932-7076 or visit our website at