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The Benefits of Living in an LLC

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6/1/2012 9:05 AM

University of New Haven Ashley RundinFor me, the biggest benefits of living in an LLC were probably the instant study groups and having tutors available to help with work. It’s nice because you never have to struggle alone. You always have someone there to help you. The students on the floor also get along very well because they’re all interested in the same thing. 

I’m glad that UNH had the option of an LLC—it was a good way to start off my college career. I absolutely loved living in the Criminal Justice LLC my freshman year. I met people who are still some of my closest friends to this day. My suitemates that I had in the LLC were my roommates this year and are going to be my roommates again next year. 

Another benefit is that, toward the middle of the year, the LLCs go on a special trip that has to do with the major. 

–Ashley Rundin, 2014, Criminal Justice - Investigative Services major with a minor in Psychology