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Alumni Profile: Stacey Dubois

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10/8/2009 1:10 PM
I arrived at the University of New Haven in the fall of 2002. While I was at UNH I completed a double major in Criminal Justice – Investigative Services and Fire Science – Arson Investigation. I landed two internships my junior year with the New Hampshire State Fire Marshal’s Office during the summer and the New Haven Arson Squad during the school year. While on campus I enjoyed the many activities and clubs that were offered. I was a member of the Society of Success and Leadership, The Criminal Justice Club, and Delta Epsilon Beta. 
Thanks to my UNH degrees and the experience I was able to gain while there, I landed a job as a Fire Investigator with the New Hampshire State Fire Marshal’s Office shortly after graduation. It is the goal of the Office of the State Fire Marshal to prevent deaths, injury and property loss by promoting a safe fire, building and hazardous materials environment for the citizens and visitors of New Hampshire through education, engineering, investigation and enforcement.
Question:  Why did you choose UNH?
Stacey: I chose the University of New Haven for a couple of reasons. First, the quality of education they offered for the majors I was interested in was untouchable anywhere else in the Northeast. The location was also appealing to me. I had lived in rural New Hampshire my whole life and was looking for a little time in the city. The close knit community on campus was apparent from my first visit. I couldn’t have pictured a better fit for myself anywhere else. 
Question:  How did UNH prepare you for life after college?
Stacey: The University of New Haven was instrumental in preparing me for life after college. The classes provide hands-on opportunities and are based on real world application. Classes provided me access to fire scene investigations, mock crime scenes, industry resources and much more. The University of New Haven eases you into the real world while you are there. If you make the most of what they offer, there will be no question that you are ready for life after college.
Thanks to those hands-on classes and support in gaining multiple internships, I felt extremely prepared for my transition from college to the workplace. Thanks to UNH, I was able to have several “workplace” experiences while I was still at college.
If it wasn’t for the quality education I received at the University of New Haven, I would not be in the position I am today. If you are interested in a public safety career, my only advice to prospective students and parents is that you will NEVER regret choosing the University of New Haven. Over the last few years, I have met many people in the public safety sector and they have all heard about the University. An education from UNH is a perfect first impression. They have mastered the perfect combination of a well known, quality education and an unforgettable college experience. 
Question: What is your favorite memory about your time at UNH?
Stacey: I have so many memories from my time at UNH that it would be difficult to single out a select few. There are so many activities at your fingertips while on campus. Most of my favorite memories come from attending those activities. You meet so many great friends and experience so many new things.
I wouldn’t change anything about my experience at UNH. There is always more to do, but I think I found the ideal balance between my education and the college experience.