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Bethel Hall Deposit

Release Date:
3/13/2009 2:30 PM

Students seeking a guarantee for a double-occupancy room for Fall 2009 have the option of submitting a $1,000 deposit in place of the normal $400 to reserve a space in Bethel Hall.

Lawrence L. Bethel Hall is an all freshman residence hall that houses 180 students in a suite-style environment. Each suite consists of 6 double-occupancy rooms with a large common living area and community bathroom. The hall is conveniently located across the street from the Campus Center and is the closest residence hall to the academic buildings.

To reserve a space, students must complete the Bethel Hall Enrollment Commitment Form and be one of the first 180 students to submit the $1,000 deposit. The additional $600 is credited to the student’s tuition and is simply used to reserve a space specifically in Bethel Hall. Remember: The enrollment commitment fee is non-refundable.

A brief video about Bethel Hall is available on the Accepted Students area of
our website at
. If you have further questions, please contact Gil Rogers 
at 203.932.7416 or e-mail