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Living Learning Communities

Release Date:
3/13/2009 2:00 PM

Given the stringent academic curriculum in many of the majors at the University of New Haven, the Office of Residential Life, along with the Divisions of Academic and Student Affairs, have worked to develop an innovative program called Living Learning Communities (LLC).

In 2005, the Tagliatela College of Engi-neering agreed to pilot a program where freshman students enrolled in engineering majors would have the opportunity to share a residence hall floor and enroll in shared core-curriculum classes as well as the Project Planning and Development (introduction to engineering) course. The students also shared an academic adviser, and lived in a hall with a Resident Assistant (RA) who was enrolled as an engineering major.

The program was a huge success. Due to the common course load, students were able to better manage their time, work together on projects to solve common problems, and build a close connection with each other during their first year. The average GPA of these students was above the average of their peers, resulting in stronger retention and increased opportunities for future success.

With the initial success of the LLC for engineering students, the program was expanded in 2006 to include students in our challenging Forensic Science major and, in 2007, the College of Business. Business students had a similar experience in their academic programming, as well as the opportunity for trips to New York City, where they were able to visit Wall Street 
and the New York Stock Exchange. In addition, students were exposed to many more opportunities for job shadowing and internships in the Greater New Haven Area.

In 2008, the LLC program was expanded to include students in our performing arts area. This is for students majoring in Music, Music Industry, and Music and Sound Recording.

For students entering in the fall 2009 semester, there are opportunities for a further expanded LLC. In addition to existing programs for Engineering, Business, Music, and Forensic Science, UNH will be introducing LLC programs for students enrolling in Marine Biology, Criminal Justice (all eight concentrations), Biology (including pre-med), Environmental Science, and Interior Design (including the pre-architecture concentration).

In addition to the major-specific communities, UNH will also provide LLC options for students with an interest in Sustainability (Green Technology, Campus Initiatives, Conservation), as well as Global Affairs such as Religion, Politics, and World Affairs.

What are the benefits of an LLC?

Students in the LLC program have the benefit of a common course load with their peers, which encourages group study, special trips, collaboration, and team building. In addition students have a shared faculty mentor, as well as a Resident Assistant who is an upperclassman in their major.

How does a student apply to be a part of the LLC?

Invitations were sent in early February to students accepted for the majors where LLCs are offered. The Sustainability and Global Affairs LLC programs will be hosted in Bethel Hall. For further information, and to fill out the application online go to

When will applicants be notified if they are accepted?

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Typically, students are notified of their acceptance to an LLC within 2–3 weeks of submitting an 
application for the program.

For further information

Call Felecia Edwards at 203. 932.7476 or e-mail