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Leading Study Abroad Across the Globe

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2/8/2012 10:19 AM

by Sarah Lipovsky, Admissions Counselor

University of New Haven: Stonehenge

The University of New Haven offers a variety of incredible opportunities to study abroad. Read on to learn more about how to prepare for the journey of a lifetime!

With over 100 destinations to choose from, there is an ideal place that will work for each individual student. Studying abroad is a wonderful opportunity for students to grow both personally and academically. UNH is one of the nation’s leading providers of study abroad programs. We allow students to take advantage of college life in another country by studying in English or in the native tongue of that country , studying for an academic semester, full year, summer or even a winter. Any way you choose to do it, JUST GO!

The University of New Haven offers traditional semester- and year-long study abroad possibilities for students to attend a university in another country. Usually students study abroad during their junior or senior year, however it is possible to study abroad during the sophomore year as well. If you know you are interested in studying abroad you should meet and discuss this with your academic advisor as soon as possible in order to determine the most ideal semester/year for your major requirements. Students take courses at a host university in the country of their choice and transfer their earned credits back to UNH. Many times these are elective courses and are not requirements for their major, although some majors are more flexible in this regard than others. While enrolled in their host university, students attend classes taught by university professors, live with students from their host country, and can get involved with student activities. In these ways they can truly submerge themselves in their host country’s culture.

University of New Haven: Students Abroad sitting

For students who may prefer a shorter study abroad experience, the University of New Haven offers study abroad programs during the summer and winter intersession breaks. All UNH students, regardless of their major, can participate in this study abroad option. Intersession study abroad programs are typically two weeks in length and students are able to earn three or six credits while taking courses taught by UNH faculty designed specifically for UNH students. Some students take advantage of intersession study abroad to earn some extra credits quickly, or to test the waters and see if they are ready for a semester-long or year-long study abroad program.

University of New Haven: Students Abroad

Some students majoring in forensic science will have the opportunity to partake in the Forensic Science Italian Experience Program. Students selected for this cohort, prior to summer orientation, remain a part of the cohort throughout their time as a UNH forensic science student. As a member of this group, students are offered a unique opportunity to participate in a capstone experience concluding with a month long program in Verona, Italy. This capstone takes place in the summer between junior and senior year on the University of Verona campus. While in Verona, students engage in research and international coursework while experiencing a modern forensic science laboratory and forensic pathology department as they soak in the rich culture of Italy.

The benefits of world travel are numerous, regardless of where you choose to study. Each country, each university, and each city has its own unique appeal that will ultimately draw you to the best choice! 

University of New Haven: Group Abroad

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