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Why Choose UNH?

Release Date:
2/7/2012 3:25 PM

By Eddie Wardwell,
Senior Admissions Counselor

University of New Haven: Bartels Patio

As you and your student begin the college search process and visit schools of interest, a very important question will arise: “Why this university?” An important factor to consider in the college search is value, and value at the University of New Haven can be seen all over campus. 

Our campus consists of 35 buildings, mainly new construction. Our “smart” classrooms and laboratories feature state-of-the-art technology and software for our students. As the university continues to develop, we add a level of value to this. Summer construction wrapped up as our students moved back on campus.  Noticeable transformations took place in our music studios, parking lots, student center, and many other facilities and buildings on campus. UNH took the time over the summer to refresh all of its structures, both inside and out. These changes not only put new roofs over our student’s heads in the residence halls but brightened our humble campus all around with new crosswalk and safety features through the parking lots and an expansion to the bookstore!  

Music students will also be thrilled with their two, brand-new recording studios. The Junior Suite is centered by a Toft ATB-32 recording console, allowing students to understand signal flow, and the Senior Suite will be centered with an Avid D-Command surface with 5.1 surround-sound mixing capabilities.  

Each of these renovations and new construction projects continuously add value to the education we provide for our students. All of us here at the University of New Haven hope you are able to take the time and explore all that we have to offer and feel exactly how we can be the right choice for your family!