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Chatting with Parent of Carly Jones '15

Release Date:
2/7/2012 2:56 PM

By Zack Rosen,
Admissions Counselor /
Coordinator of Social Media and Online Recruitment

University of New Haven: Parents of Carly Jones

Zack Rosen: Is this the first one of your children who went through the college search process, or have you done this before?

Susie Jones: Carly is our oldest, so this was our first experience with colleges since we were students many years ago!

Z: What was the scariest part about your college search process?

S: The cost of a college education today is really frightening. With so much money involved, it’s important to find a school that they like, that offers the classes and programs they like, and that fits their personality.

Z: How did you become aware
of UNH, and what drew you to visiting it?

S: Literature about UNH arrived in the mail with all the other college brochures, but it didn’t get discarded the way so many others did. The picture on the front was gorgeous, and you offered many of the programs Carly was considering. My husband, Dave, had a business trip in Vermont, so Carly tagged along to check out some of the schools in New England, and UNH was one of those.

Z: Was/is location/distance a concern?

S: UNH is about 5 ½ hours from our home in Pennsylvania. I think Carly wanted to be at least 3 hours away, so it’s probably a good distance – for her, not for Mom! Being closer would obviously help with expenses, but it could have been worse – one of her friends went to Arizona!

Z: What was your first impression
of UNH?

S: Carly and Dave raved about it after their visit, and the whole family loved it when we came up for three days in March. Everyone we met went out of their way to make us feel welcome and made sure we had answers to all our questions. The campus is beautiful, and the faculty and staff seem genuinely invested in helping the students achieve success.

Z: What was the final deciding factor on choosing UNH? How many other schools were being considered?

S: We visited about a dozen schools. In the beginning we were just trying to narrow down things like size, urban or rural, and distance from home. We didn’t have the luxury of visiting only those schools that offered her major, because she wasn’t sure yet what she wanted to do. Eventually, she settled on either criminal justice/forensics or marine biology and, preferably, somewhere that would allow her to continue her photography studies. There were plenty of schools that offered one or the other of those programs, but she wasn’t ready to settle on just one. When she realized that UNH offered everything she wanted, it jumped to first place out of her final two.  Her acceptance letter from UNH arrived before the application to the other school was completed, so she never even applied to her #2!

Z: If you could change one thing about UNH, what would it be?

S: Well, a lower tuition would be great!

Susie and husband, Dave Jones, reside in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, located about two hours west of Philadelphia.