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Letter from Caitlin Gilley '14

Release Date:
2/7/2012 2:50 PM

University of New Haven: Caitlin Gilley


To whom it may concern,

I’m writing to you as a current student at the University of New Haven. I will be entering my sophomore year this fall as a Forensic Science (Biology Concentration) and Pre-Medical double major. I am going to be a Resident Assistant in the Forensic Science LLC, as well. I am the Executive Assistant of the Admissions Team, a member of the Honors Program, and a sister of Delta Epsilon Beta. I am also a student worker in the Undergraduate Admissions Office. 

When I first came to UNH, many things stuck out as unique to me. Involvement on campus was one of the first things that I considered to be a benefit. On campus there is an abundance of things to do! It boggles my mind at times. You can do anything from joining Greek Life to being a member of PIRO (Paranormal Investigative Research Organization) to participating in MEISA (Music and Entertainment Industry Student Association). Also, there are many academic clubs that you can join. These range from the ACJA (American Criminal Justice Association) to the Forensic Science and Chemistry Club as well as a number of alternative clubs and organizations. The list of clubs we have is endless because if we don’t have one club that satisfies your needs, you can even make your own organization! 

The Living Learning Community is another aspect of the University of New Haven that really sets it apart from the others. The LLC is a way of living in which everyone in the hall has the same major, including Resident Assistants. I thought this was beneficial because not only do tutors come in at least four times a week, but also, if you ever have a question about homework or a test, the majority of your class is actually living in the same hall as you or maybe even in the same room! Living in the Forensic Science LLC aided my work ethic and ability to meet new people greatly. 

I really liked that UNH emphasizes experiential education. Here at UNH, we stress experience in the work field before graduating as one of the most important aspects of your undergraduate education. As a Forensics major, I am required to do either an internship or a research project. Also, being in the Honors Program requires a thesis paper. Both of these parts of experiential education allow me to network with future employers as well as set myself at a higher level when applying for jobs. I foresee this will set me apart when I apply for an occupation. 

As an incoming freshman, I also had a few concerns. I had apprehensions about the workload, the surrounding area, and opportunities for jobs. All of these concerns are now a thought in the past. As for the workload, everything is manageable! I did many things in my freshman year, including joining a sorority and different organizations, playing Rec Sports, and having a job. All the while, I still managed to keep my GPA high. As a student at UNH, you quickly realize it is every professor’s main goal to have you succeed. Many tutoring options are available, for example, the CLR (Center for Learning Resources). All of the tutoring on campus is free and accessible at almost any hour of the day. Even with a 19-credit course load, being involved and doing well in your courses is completely doable.  Once you become a college student, you learn to manage your time well. 

The job search is easily fulfilled here at UNH, as well. The Beckermen Recreation Center, Undergraduate Admissions, Sodexo Food Service, and other offices on campus have many openings for student workers. For an upperclassman, the Resident Assistant position is very beneficial because not only do you learn leadership qualities, but you also are held to a higher standard and have more responsibilities on campus. 

As for the surrounding area, it was a bit of a culture shock for me! I come from Cape Cod, MA and rarely face the city. As soon as I learned the area, I became more comfortable with it. On campus, I feel extremely safe. Campus Police are always surveying the area and making sure the students are completely secure. 

Overall, UNH was the place for me since day one. It fulfilled all my needs and then gave me more opportunities on top of that. When I graduate, I know I will be of a higher caliber, an advantage with prospective employers. I hope you plan to make a visit to the University to see why I love it so much!

Caitlin Gilley