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Student Profile: Corrianne M. Dionne

Release Date:
2/7/2012 2:25 PM

University of New Haven: Corrianne DionneMajor: Criminal Justice-International Justice and Security. 

Minor: Arabic Language-Area Studies

Year: Junior, Class of 2012

Hometown: West Greenwich, RI

Residence: West Haven, CT


When you start college, there are so many changes you’re going through: moving away from home, meeting new people, and becoming a freshman all over again! My transition to UNH was very easy. Because of SOAR, there were many students I had already met. I became involved on campus by joining an intramural team at the rec center, joining two clubs, and above all, I stayed positive about being in a new place. The faculty and staff were very welcoming to all of the incoming students, and living in “the quad” on campus made it easy to engage in anything and everything.

Favorite UNH Tradition:

Definitely Spring Weekend — three days of fun. There is a carnival (sometimes even with elephant rides!), a big concert, a comedy show, and a variety of other activities. The students get to vote on the artists that perform. It comes the first weekend in May of every year. You can even bring friends from home to enjoy all the fun!

Greatest Feature: 

UNH’s best feature is the faculty and staff. Others could argue that it’s our gorgeous gym/rec center, the incredible Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science, or some people may say it’s our Greek Life. I strongly believe that an education is only as much or as little as you allow it to be. UNH faculty and staff have been there, done that, and experienced much more than just learning from books. In the criminal justice field, I have had professors that are retired NYPD, private investigators, lawyers, mayors, military officers, forensic psychologists, forensic scientists in the Connecticut State Crime Lab, state policemen, local policemen, and many others from unique fields and backgrounds. Learning from them is not only educational, but it’s also practical. They give you the whole picture to fully understand the roots and the lifestyle of a future job in the field. 

Favorite Clubs/Activities:

I’ve become involved at UNH through clubs and organizations, activities and events, and also working on campus. I am involved in the American Criminal Justice Association, Experiential Education Club, Intramural Sports, and I work for both the Criminal Justice Department and the Career Development Center on campus. My favorite club on campus is the Undergraduate Student Government Association (USGA). Although I am not directly involved, ACJA is actually funded by USGA, as is a variety of other clubs on campus. USGA provides events and activities all year that are open to every student on campus.

Future Plans:

I’ve grown and learned so much through my three years at UNH and my career plans have shifted more times than I can count. I am certain I want to be in the criminal justice field and I am certain that my long term goal is to be a college professor. Post college, I am looking into NYPD or the State Police for experience in law enforcement. However, I aspire to work for the FBI, USMS, Secret Service, or another government agency. I want to experience as much as I can, while I can, and the road through the criminal justice system is one that cannot be predicted.