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There are Apps for That

Release Date:
2/8/2011 11:21 AM

The iTourUNH App provides students with options to visit without visiting by putting the UNH campus and a tour guide right in their pocket. In addition to providing students with an interactive map, videos, audio clips and degree panoramic photos, the iTourUNH App also allows students to get a personalized campus tour whenever it is convenient for them. As a visitor walks through a number of "trails" based their interests, the mobile app updates its location using GPS spots around campus, giving students audio and video clips relevant to their location on campus. iTourUNH is available for iPhone/iPod Touch and is optimized for iPad as well.

The MyUNH App provides admitted students with a way to get connected to the UNH campus community by receiving sports scores, news alerts, and even the weather! MyUNH also links the "MyUNHSpace" private social network that is exclusively built for admitted students to connect and to get to know their future fellow classmates through discussion boards, joining groups, and sharing photos and videos. MyUNH is available in the iPhone App Store and Android Market.

Both apps are completely free to download. Standard data rates will apply; please consult your cellular provider.