Additional EGAP Details

How to get an EGAP position

There is no application process for the EGAP program. Students will be pre-selected and notified of their candidacy as part of our formal application process when applying to their graduate program of choice at the University of New Haven.

Students are selected as potential EGAP candidates when their application is reviewed for graduate admission to the program for which they have applied. EGAP candidates will be notified that they are being considered for the program and will be invited to participate in the interview process for positions in the spring and summer.

Benefits of an EGAP Position
  • Earnings are based on working 550 hours per year (Fall and Spring terms only- average of 15-20 hours per week) at a pay rate of $10.10 per hour.
  • A 75% tuition discount up to 12 credits per term (Fall and Spring terms only).
  • EGAP awards cannot be used in conjunction with other institutional grants, fellowships or scholarships.  The largest tuition benefit will take precedence. Should an EGAP award no longer be applicable, eligibility for a former scholarship will be re-evaluated. 
  • EGAP tuition benefits will be calculated after taking into account all other institutional tuition discounts including tuition remission.  Students will only receive the 75% EGAP benefit for the tuition amount owed after all discounts are applied.
  • Alumni Discounts are not allowed to be used in conjunction with any other program, including EGAP.
  • Outside grants and scholarships can be used in conjunction with the EGAP award, but the combination of funds from all sources cannot exceed the cost of tuition.
Eligibility Requirements
  • Students must be accepted to a graduate program for Fall semesters only
  • Students must be attending as full-time graduate students (9 credits or more)
  • Students must be taking classes at West Haven, CT and Orange, CT
  • Students must demonstrate excellent academic and/or professional performance (GPA requirements will vary by program)
  • A résumé should be included in the admissions application
  • If offered an EGAP position students must pay a deposit to reserve their spot in the program
Retaining an EGAP Award
  • A student may hold only one EGAP position during any award period. Position appointments will last through graduation provided the following conditions are met. 
  • During the period that a position is in effect, the student holding the position must be registered as a full-time student (minimum of 9 credits per semester).  Exceptions may be made due to program layout constraints, and during a student’s final term of enrollment if fewer courses are needed to complete the degree.
  • In order to continue in an EGAP position for the following academic year, certain academic requirements must be met.  At the end of the academic year EGAP students must be maintaining a 3.0 GPA and Satisfactory Academic Progress in order to continue in the position. Students who do not meet these requirements will be subject to permanent dismissal from the position. 
  • Continuation in an EGAP position in each succeeding term is dependent upon satisfactory work performance in the previous term.  Proper termination procedures are to be followed for students who do not meet satisfactory work performance requirements.
  • Students enrolled for “Continuing Registration” in order to complete an Incomplete grade from a previous term cannot retain their EGAP position.  Exceptions may be made when a student is enrolled for only “Continuing Registration” during the Spring semester.
What if I wasn't nominated for EGAP or was nominated but did not recieve a position?

If you were not nominated for EGAP or were nominated and did not receive a position, we encourage you to continue to explore the University of New Haven; get involved! The University has other opportunities to gain hands-on experience in your field. Moreover, there are other work opportunities that may appeal to you.  Also, please contact our Financial Aid office for more information on how to fund your education.

What happens after I accept my EGAP position?

All U.S. citizens and permanent residents selected for EGAP positions must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Please visit the main Financial Aid page for information regarding submitting your FAFSA. Note:  International students should not file a FAFSA. 

After the FAFSA is evaluated and your Work Authorization paperwork is drafted, the Financial Aid Office will send you an award notification and an e-mail to your University e-mail account letting you know to come pick up and complete your paperwork. Once all documents are complete, the student receives a work release card from the Financial Aid Office, which indicates the date the student is authorized to work. The Work Authorization paperwork will list the position for which you have been accepted, your supervisor's name, and the dates of employment. Included with the Work Authorization paperwork are the Federal W-4, CT W-4 Form, INS Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I-9), and additional employment paperwork.

Following submission of these completed documents to the Financial Aid Office, the student will be issued a Work Release Authorization. No student can begin work until the Work Release Authorization has been issued by the Financial Aid Office.           

International students must apply for a social security card with the Social Security Administration and provide a copy of a letter indicating that they have done so along with their work authorization paperwork in order to begin working.  They must submit the card to the Financial Aid Office once they receive it, and within a month from submitting their other work authorization paperwork, before they are able to begin being paid.

What happens if I take more/fewer credits than what is under EGAP policy

Students with EGAP positions must be enrolled as full time students. Students should be enrolled in no less than nine credits, and no more than 12 credits each term. If a student takes any more than 12 credits during a semester, the student will be responsible for 100% of their tuition after the 12 credits. Students may take fewer than 9 credits in the final semester of their graduate program (letter from academic advisor is required).

Contact Graduate Admissions

Echlin Hall
Phone: (203) 932-7440