Our B.S. in Health Sciences curriculum was designed in partnership with regional, national and international healthcare corporations, health systems, and nonprofit organizations. The program combines an understanding of biological sciences, humanities and social sciences with healthcare industry-specific knowledge and the network and practical experiences you need to excel in the fast-growing healthcare field.

Specialized Concentrations

Students can choose to follow a general track with no specialization, or they can complete one of three concentration areas:

  • Healthcare Administration. Be a healthcare leader who helps manage teams, design programs, and improve patient outcomes in hospitals and their networks, healthcare systems, and public health systems.
  • Clinical Trials Administration. Be one of the dedicated individuals who help determine the safety and effectiveness of medications, devices, diagnostic products, and treatment regimens.
  • Population Health. Taking the macro view, the goals in this field include improving the health of an entire population and reducing health inequities among different groups.

What Will I Study?

All students in an undergraduate program at the University of New Haven complete the University Core Curriculum. The Health Sciences core curriculum is 48 credits, plus an additional 15 credits in one of the three concentration areas and 18 credits of unrestricted electives in an area of your choosing.

University Core Curriculum (41 credits) 

These 41 credits in areas like communication, analysis and problem solving, technology, history and citizenship, social interaction and global perspective, and aesthetic responsiveness give you the well-rounded educational foundation needed to be competitive in any field. Learn more >

Health Sciences Curriculum (48 credits)

All Health Sciences majors will take these courses
Introduction to Health Professions Health Sciences Research Methods and Design
Introduction to US Healthcare System Principles of Epidemiology
Biology I for Science Majors with Lab Health Economics and Finance
Human Anatomy and Physiology I with Lab Health Data Systems
Human Anatomy and Physiology II with Lab Health Law and Regulation
Microbiology or Genetics or Cell Biology Healthcare Leadership
Health Communication Health Sciences Research and Writing
Health Psychology or Medical Sociology Cultural Competence in Healthcare
Health Sciences Experience I Health Sciences Capstone

Health Sciences Electives (15 credits)

Healthcare Administration Focus Clinical Research Admin. Focus Population Health & Advocacy Focus
Healthcare Quality and Patient Experience Principles & Processes of Clinical Research Introduction to Population Health
  Good Clinical Practice Health Education and Promotion
  Monitoring & Compliance of Clinical Trials Health System Navigation and Advocacy
  Research Ethics
Environmental and Occupational Health

Students taking at least 4 courses within each category will have completed the relevant “focus area”. 

Unrestricted Electives (18 credits)

Explore six unrestricted electives in another area of your choosing for a total of 18 credits. Maybe you like to explore the world? This is enough unrestricted courses to allow students to spend a semester at our Tuscany Campus in Prato, Italy.

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