Application Procedure

Undergraduate Students (not current students)

Experience the University of New Haven this summer: get ahead in your studies, or take a class for personal enrichment! Eligibility to take summer courses and apply for admission:

  1. Current student at another college or university.
  2. Student entering his/her junior or senior year in high school.
  3. Recent high school graduate.
  4. Adult learner.

Simply click the link under "Apply Now" in the blue box on this page to get started.

High School Students

If you are currently enrolled in high school and are entering your junior or senior year, you are eligible to take a summer course at the University of New Haven. To do so, simply fill out the summer application for admission and submit an unofficial copy of your high school transcript. Please note that admission is automatic and may be based on space limitation in courses, pre-requisites for particular courses, and/or high school record. If you have any questions pertaining to your eligibility for enrollment in a summer session course, If you have any questions, please contact Ligia Correia, Coordinator for Part Time Enrollment.

Simply click the link under "Apply Now" in the blue box on this page to get started.

Graduate Students (not current students)

For Information about Graduate level courses, please contact the graduate enrollment office at 203-932-7440 or

Current Students (undergraduate or graduate)

If you are a current University of New Haven student, you do not need to fill out an application to take a summer session course. Simply register through Banner. For more information, click here.