Academic Resources in Prato

At the University of New Haven's Tuscany Campus, you’ll have access to a wide variety of resources to help you in your studies. The Tuscany Campus maintains a library of books pertinent to the courses offered in Prato. Both Prato and nearby Florence have public libraries where you can read, study or do further research. In addition, you have access to the University of New Haven's’s collection of online databases and e-books.



The Tuscany Campus library houses all of the books you need for the required readings in all of your courses, as well as chairs and a sofa for sitting and reading. You can borrow books through the honor system, which means we simply ask you to fill out the lending booklet whenever you take a book away. Lending is restricted to 48 hours at a time to allow you to access all of the books when you need them.


Library in Prato

Biblioteca Lazzerini: Via Puccetti 3, Prato

The Lazzerini library is the biggest in Prato, located behind the Textile Museum, is also a meeting place for many young people in Prato. Inside there are reading rooms, an internet point, wi-fi and many foreign magazines. There is a café and a courtyard in front of the library where many events are held.

Hours: Mondays 2 pm–8 pm; from Thursday to Friday 9.30 am–8 pm; Saturdays 9.30 am–2 pm; closed Sundays and holidays.


Library in Florence

Bibloteca delle Oblate: via dell'Oriuolo 26, Florence

The Oblate library is set in a former convent just a few blocks from the city’s cathedral or Duomo, and a few minutes’ walk from the main railway station. It offers books available for borrowing in Italian and other languages, including English; periodicals; CDs and DVDs; reading rooms; wi-fi access; cultural events; and a highly popular terrace café on its top floor with fabulous views of the cathedral dome. The library is a great place to study or learn a bit of Italian from the local students you’ll often meet there.

Hours: Mondays 2 pm–7 pm; from Tuesday to Saturday 9 am–Midnight; closed Sundays and holidays.


Online Resources

Students have access to the online resources offered through the University of New Haven’s library system, including an extensive collection of databases and e-books.

If students are struggling in a class, they can reach out to the Center for Learning Resources (CLR) in addition to their faculty on campus. Students can reach out to the CLR via e-mail to contact tutors that specialize in topics ranging from math and science to languages. Their page can help give students the extra help they need to achieve in their courses while abroad.

Students can still access their success coaches while still abroad. Success coaches are an amazing tool to keep students on track in their studies, learn organizational skills, and learn about other resources on campus. First-Year students can access their success coaches here, while upperclassmen can find their success coaches at the Academic Success Center.

If students have learning accommodations, they should be registered with the Accessibility Resource Center and keep in touch with them to ensure their accommodations while abroad.

Students can also e-mail their assigned academic adviser for their degree program with any questions regarding their major and classes. Advisers are listed on the student's Degree Audit.