The Tuscany Campus is administered entirely by the University of New Haven. Each semester students take a standard five-course load, including an Italian language course. Faculty at the Tuscany campus are a combination of University of New Haven Faculty sent from the home campus and locally hired faculty. It is important to remember that the course offerings at the Tuscany Campus will change from semester to semester. Essential courses not available in Prato may be taken online.


Courses Typically Offered Every Term

Course Number Course Title
ARTS 2233 Art and Science of Renaissance Italy (old CC 6/new CC 9.1)
ENGL 1112*** Seminar in Academic Inquiry (CC 1.1)***
GLBS 4451/ITAL 4451
Special Topics: Italian Culture through Literature and the Media
HIST 1102 The Western World in Modern Times (old CC 4.1/new CC 6.1)
HTMG 3307 Cultural Understanding of Food & Cuisine (old CC 5.2/new CC 8.1)
ITAL 1101 or higher Italian Language (old CC 1.2/ 5.2/ 5.3/new 8.1)*
MATH 1108
College Mathematics (old CC 2.2/new CC 3.1)
MATH 1115 Pre-Calculus (old CC 2.2/new CC 3.1)
MATH 1117 Calculus I (old CC 2.2/new CC 3.2)
MATH 1118 Calculus II (old CC 2.2/new CC 3.2)
PHIL 2210 Logic (old CC 2.3/new 5.2)
SOCI 4451/GLBS 4450
Contemporary Italian Life & Culture (old CC 5.2/5.3/new 8.1)
*One online class permitted  


* Required for all students
**Must meet the required pre-requisites
*** Takes the place of ENGL 1105

CC=Core Curriculum


Program Specific Courses Spring 2018

Course Number Course Title
BIOL 1121 General and Human Biology I w/ Lab Non-Science Majors (old CC 2.1/new CC 4.1)
BIOL 1123 Lab with BIOL 1121
BIOL 2254 Biology II-Science Majors w/ lab
BIOL 2256 Lab with BIOL 2254
CJST 2205/PSYC 2205 Forensic Psychology**
EASC 1112 Methods of Engineering Analysis**
EASC 1120 Chemistry with Apps to Biosystems**
EASC 1121 Lab with EASC 1120
PSYCH 2336 Abnormal Psychology**
PSYC 4482 Special Topics: Theories of Violence


More classes may be added. Please check back for updates.
**Must meet the required pre-requisites