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Registrar Forms

Looking for a form? You've landed in the right place.

Yes, there really is a form for everything. We figured the least we could do is put them all in one spot for you. Just click on a link below to access and download the specific Registrar office form you need. (Refer to the current Graduate or Undergraduate catalog for further information on coordinated courses, course waivers, crediting examinations, research projects, independent studies and thesis):



  • Academic Program Change Request - Register your intent to enter a new degree program.
  • Additional Major Request - Add a major to your current one. Fill out this form, including the required authorization, and submit completed worksheets for both programs.
  • Undergraduate Catalog - Degree programs, admission information, costs, financial aid, policies, etc. Everything you want to know – and more.
  • Change of Address (Permanent or Local) - Let us know where to reach you.
  • Completion Letter- A completion letter will only be issued after all degree requirements have been completed. 
  • Course Substitution - Replace one course with another. They can be two unrelated courses, or two in your Core Curriculum requirements.
  • Course Withdrawal Form - Online Submission (recommended) or Download PDF. Use to withdraw from a single course at the University.
  • Diploma Reorder - Get another proof of your degree.
  • Email Address Change - Make sure you stay in the loop for news and announcements.
  • Enrollment Verification Letter - A form that verifies your enrollment, pre-registration and expected date of graduation at UNH, which we send to a particular person or company, at your request.
  • Promissory Note for Corporate Reimbursement - The form to use when your employer approves a course selection and agrees to pay its cost.
  • Student Exit Interview (Withdrawal or Leave of Absence) - To officially record your reason for leaving UNH and other pertinent information.
  • Transfer Course Authorization Form
  • Verification Letter - A general-purpose form used to verify vital information such as your name, Social Security number, address, contact information, etc. – sent, at your request, to a particular person or company.