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Campus Peer Mediation

Conflicts will happen, whether they are with a roommate, a teammate, classmate, fellow club member, friend, or acquaintance.  Now students at UNH do not have to tough it out, go to an authority figure, or wait until the situation blows up.  Students can come to Campus Peer Mediation for help in finding ways to solve the conflicts - confidentially.  With training and guidance by faculty in the Center for Dispute Resolution, Campus Peer Mediation is conducted by students to help other students.  See Mediator Standards of Conduct for a more detailed description of peer mediation procedure and governing standards.

Students having a dispute or in a conflict situation can apply jointly to Campus Peer Mediation or just one person can apply for peer mediation assistance.  (See Mediation Application) When one student applies, a peer mediator will contact the other person(s) to invite that person to participate in mediation. Alternatively, in some situations, students may be referred to mediation by someone in Student Affairs, Residential Life, or another office.  In all situations, the decision whether to participate in mediation is voluntary.  If both parties to the dispute agree to try mediation, a mediation session will be scheduled as soon as possible.  In most situations, there will be two co-mediators conducting the mediation session.  All persons involved in the mediation must agree to maintain confidentiality in order for a mediation to take place.  The only exceptions to confidentiality are if the mediators learn of a danger/substantial threat of bodily harm or abuse, which must be reported.

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