Library Workshops

Workshops are held in Room 213 in the Library unless otherwise noted. Bring your laptop or charge one out at the library circulation desk to use for the duration of the session (Current University of New Haven ID required).

Research & Database Workshops, Spring 2017

Program Date Time

Research Toolbox  - Write stronger research papers by using University of New Haven tools to find books, articles and websites. Save time and avoid unnecessary costs.

Sunday, 1/29/17


Introduction to the library for Graduate Students – Learn how to access and use the physical and online resources available through the library.

Tuesday, 1/31/17


Faculty Workshop Series – Copyright & Fair Use - Are you interested in using e-Reserves for your classes or just want to know more on what is considered fair use?  A Librarian will review the basic principles and answer your questions.

Thursday, 2/2/17


Introduction to the library for Graduate Students – Learn how to access and use the physical and online resources available through the library. 

Thursday, 2/2/17


How to Access information for Engineering – Learn about the library databases for accessing engineering information, including journals and e-books.

Tuesday, 2/7/17


Evaluating Information – How do you determine what resources are trustworthy? With “fake news” making headlines, it’s more important than ever to know how to evaluate information to ensure its validity.

Wednesday, 2/22/17


Introduction to Mendeley- This workshop will introduce you to Mendeley, a free downloadable tool which can help you keep your research organized. Learn how to install Mendeley and use it to collect, manage, and cite your research sources. Mendeley will even help you create bibliographies.

Monday, 2/27/17


Locating Information – Using Google to find statistics, locating a scholarly article using a database, and tracking down additional resources based on the citations found inside an article are just some of the different ways to find resources. Join us to learn more about these methods and more.

Tuesday, 2/28/17


Faculty Workshop Series – Frameworks for Information Literacy. This workshop will discuss these frameworks and give strategies for incorporating them into your course.  

Thursday, 3/2/17


Finding Books in the library – Everything is not online! Learn how to use the library catalog to find books and see how to locate them in the library using the Library of Congress cataloging system. Learn to identify the difference between popular books and scholarly books so you can choose the most appropriate resources for your research.

Friday, 3/10/17


Database Workshop – ICPSR – Learn how to access and download these social sciences datasets

Thursday, 3/23/17


Faculty Workshop Series “Open Educational Resources”. March 27 -31 is Open Education Week, Unlike copyrighted materials, Open Educational Resources are educational materials that are developed to be freely used and shared.  A librarian will review what these resources are and where you can find them.

Thursday, 3/30/17


Company Research Opens Doors - Gain an edge over competitors by learning what prospective companies need

Sunday, 4/2/2017


Faculty Workshop Series “Predatory Publishers” Learn what they are and some strategies for identifying them so you know how to avoid them when looking for publishers for your research.

Thursday, 4/13/17