Dr. Joseph Kolibal

"Using LaTeX for Publication and Office Use"
Thursday, September 26, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. in the Marvin K. Peterson Library, upper level


While not as popular as Microsoft Word for producing electronic documents, LaTeX is a far more sophisticated and complete electronic photo-typography software tool than any other commercial package, providing writers an opportunity to typeset publication quality text. Most of the articles and texts that appear in the literature today in the mathematical sciences are typeset using some variety of TeX. In part, this is because these tools can readily handles the complex typography requirements of typesetting mathematics, but also because it allows users to easily include into documents complicated structures such as indices, nomenclature lists, bibliographies, footnotes, and complicated cross references.

We will provide a short introduction to LaTeX and discuss its features, demonstrating its use in writing a letter, a syllabus, and a dissertation document. We'll also show how it can be used to create some glossy promotional literature. The best part is that it is open source, and runs on every platform.

Biographical Information

Chair Department of Mathematics and Physics, University of New Haven since August 2012. Previously, was the University of Southern Mississippi from 1993 to 2012. Doctorate is mathematics from Oxford University (1990), with a masters from Imperial College, University of London in Nuclear Engineering (1977), and a BS Chem Eng from Carnegie-Mellon University (1974).

I've worked as a chemical engineer and nuclear engineer. I've had the good fortune of working at Pratt and Whitney in CFD, and in fusion nucleonics at the Plasma Physics Lab at Princeton. I've also most enjoyed teaching mathematics at every level from introductory mathematics to graduate level topics class on PDEs. I enjoy computers, software, and the development of efficient computational algorithms, and am a great proponent of open source software.


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