Dr. Matthew Griffiths

"Engineering Science: Meme-Splicing at the Oxford Round Table"
Tuesday, February 23rd at 2:00 p.m. in the Marvin K. Peterson Library


This two part talk will provide background and content on my summer 09 presentation of “Meme-Splicing: Promoting in Science Virtues and Behaviors Traditionally Associated with Other Cultures” at the Three Cultures meeting of the Oxford Round Table. I will discuss the invitation, flattery, hospitality, academic professionalism, and business of the Oxford Round Table, and describe my own experiences with them in Oxford.

I will then summarize the key ideas that I raised in my paper. I will identify what I perceive as vulnerabilities of our current model of science and present an alternate model of a more philosophical, subjective, honest, holistic, human, or spiritual culture for science; one that I believe is better adapted to survive the next half century.

Biographical Information

Dr Griffiths has a Ph.D. in Physics based on his studies of extreme breaking waves and has worked as a project officer at the UK Atomic Energy Authority where he interfaced between government agencies, oil companies, engineers, and scientists. He currently teaches Physics at the University of New Haven.


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