Dr. Jibey Asthappan

"Privacy is Dead: Meta-Data Designed to Protect and Serve"
Monday, November 11, 2013 at 4:00 p.m.in the Marvin K. Peterson Library


A recent revelation has produced evidence that the NSA conducts surveillance on most of the American and world population. Although it has long been suspected that privacy is dead, the NSA's program details expose the extent of that surveillance. Records of web browsing, phone calls, video/typed chats, and social media data, including affiliations, photos, and contacts represent the bulk of what creates “meta-data.” This data is enormously revealing of any individual, a community, or an entire population. Using statistical analysis, meta-data can, and is likely, being used to predict future behaviors and events. This presentation will discuss methods used to forecast using meta-data, the application of this data in protecting and serving a population, and the pitfalls of accumulating and analyzing meta-data.

Biographical Information

Dr. Jibey Asthappan is an Assistant Professor in Criminal Justice who focuses on cyber crime and security. His courses include Network Security, Practical Issues in Cryptography, and Statistics, to name a few. Dr. Asthappan's research includes policy analysis and forensic computer investigations in the form of data recovery on local and network structures. His teaching method utilizes hands-on experience to emphasize and foster life-long learning.


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