Embedded Librarian Program

The ability to find, evaluate, and use information effectively are vital skills that students need to master in order to be academically successful at the University of New Haven and later, to make informed decisions throughout their lives. The University of New Haven Information Literacy Librarians believe that these skills are best learned and retained when taught in conjunction with specific class research assignments where they can be immediately applied. If any class you teach contains a research assignment, please considering partnering with a librarian in our "Embedded Librarian Program". This program integrates information literacy and library instruction directly into course content where the skills can be applied immediately, usually using the course Blackboard site. The duration can be for the entire semester or for a short period of time in conjunction with a specific assignment.


How is this done? An initial meeting with a librarian prior to the start of the course is essential in order for the librarian to get a complete understanding of the research requirement to be completed. This enables the librarian to determine the information literacy concepts that apply and to select the most appropriate information resources. Then librarians can:


Embed customized research guides (called LibGuides) into the Blackboard site for your course. Each guide is developed for a specific class’ research needs.

Develop Tegrity videos or PowerPoint tutorials explaining research concepts and resources.

Monitor a discussion board in the class Blackboard site to enable students to ask the librarian specific questions about research relating to the class.

Course instructors who wish to participate should:

Meet with an Information Literacy librarian prior to the beginning of the course to provide the librarian with information on course content and the research assignment and to determine the librarian's role and involvement throughout the course.

Provide the librarian with access to the class Blackboard site.

Be willing to provide feedback to the librarian regarding the success of the program and feedback for improvements going forward.


A brochure on the Information Literacy & Embedded Librarian Program is available


Diane Spinato, (Senior Information Literacy Librarian) and her staff are committed to collaborating with faculty to help our students ""recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information"1 in order to enhance their academic success at the University of New Haven. For more information, contact Diane at ext. 4554 or email dspinato@newhaven.edu

1ACRL Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education,


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