University of New Haven Library Guide on Course Reserves and Copyright

According to "Fair Use," an article may be put on Course Reserve for one semester without obtaining copyright permission. For the same instructor to put the same article on Course Reserve for the same course in a subsequent semester, copyright clearance must be obtained.

In cases for which copyright clearance is necessary, you must request permission from the Copyright Clearance Center or the individual copyright holder. You must also pay any applicable copyright fees.

Ways to Apply for Copyright Permission:

1) Go to the Copyright Clearance Center direct link.

2) Apply directly to a work's publisher. Include the following information in your request: Title; Author; (Volume, Issue/Number), Date of copyright; ISBN/ISSN; Number of pages; Your name; Means by which you intend to reproduce said work; How material will be used; Number of copies you intend to make; Name of your academic institution; Name of course and course number; Semester and year.

Other Links for Copyright Information: