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Honors Program Film Series #2

Starts On
3/10/2014 7:15 PM
Ends On
3/10/2014 9:30 PM

BRIDEGROOM (2013): The second installment of four films, being introduced by UNH’s own Professor Wes Davis, is scheduled for Monday, March 10th, beginning sharply at 7:15 p.m. in Buckman Hall, Room 120.----A word from Professor Davis about the film: For the second film of each semester’s Honors Program Film Series I tend to choose an indie, cult, or other unusual film that too few people know about, but which greatly rewards a look-see. The title refers to a young man--Tom Bridegroom--who, with his life partner Shane Bitney Crone, had actually found that rarest of treasures--the love of one’s life. I’m not giving away anything by saying that after six years of commitment and devotion to each other Tom died in a tragic accident, leaving his partner devastated and in utter despair. In the midst of his grief Shane kept a video diary and posted on YouTube a video, “It Could Happen To You.” His --their-- story immediately went viral, passing two million views the first week. With over 3.4 million views the first month, it has since been translated into more than twenty languages! The film this time is a profoundly moving documentary made by filmmaker Linda Bloodworth-Thomason about how Shane and Tom found each other, who they were before they met, who they became during their six years together, and sadly the period after Tom’s death. The film is heartwarming and heartbreaking. It is also a cautionary tale of what can happen when unmarried couples (there was no LGBT marriage equality in California at this time) do not have legal standing, aren’t considered “family,” and whose relationship can be simply deleted by one’s relatives from the life story of the deceased individual. We really get to know these two extraordinary young men, their friends, coworkers, and the reactions of their very different families. Tom by all accounts and the evidence of our eyes was the All- American boy, blessed with movie star good looks, an outgoing personality, talent and charisma. Together they started a business, traveled the world, made music and funny videos, and were a revelation to those who witnessed the love they shared. Through this film we too can share vicariously in what too few people ever get to experience.----Please RSVP to to reserve your seat!

Buckman Hall, B120