Tow Youth Justice Institute Staff

The Tow Youth Justice Institute (TYJI) is seeking a Project Coordinator for the Juvenile Justice Policy Oversight Committee (JJPOC). This full-time, grant funded position for the TYJI is a highly responsible position that provides direct support to the Director of Youth Justice Initiatives, who facilitates the JJPOC, a legislatively body created through 2014 by Public Act 14-217 and is charged with evaluating policies related to the juvenile justice system. Click here for more information.

Bill Carbone

William H. Carbone, MPA

Senior Lecturer & Executive Director of Justice Programs
Director of Tow Youth Justice Institute
Director of Experiential Education

South Campus Hall 107
(203) 479-4227

Colleen Conroy

Colleen Conroy, LCSW

Project Coordinator, JJPOC

1076 Campbell Ave, Office 202
(203) 932-1062

Danielle Cooper

Danielle Cooper, Ph.D., C.P.P.

Director of Research

South Campus Hall 214
(203) 932-1038

Susan Cusano

Susan Cusano

Office Manager

1076 Campbell Avenue
(203) 932-7083

Rashanda McCollum, J.D.

Rashanda McCollum, J.D.

Manager of Education & Training Programs

1076 Campbell Avenue, Office 203
(203) 932-1258

Devon McCormick

Devon McCormick, M.A.S.C.

Restorative Justices Practices Project Manager

1076 Campbell Avenue, Office 202
(203) 932-7359

Erika Nowakowski

Erika Nowakowski, MSW

Director of Youth Justice Initiatives

1076 Campbell Avenue
(203) 932-1257

Donna Pfrommer

Donna Pfrommer

Director of Development and Communications

1076 Campbell Avenue
(203) 932-7361

Deborah S. Stewart

Deborah S. Stewart

Project Coordinator, Transforming Youth Justice: A Leadership Development Program

1076 Campbell Avenue
(203) 931-2923

Students and Academic Interns

Sarah Giarrusso

Sarah Giarrusso

Ph.D. Student

Sara Jeffries

Sara Jeffries

Ph.D. Student/Research Assistant