Our Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Partners

We cannot combat the problem of Trafficking in Persons alone. The Center for Forensic Investigations of Trafficking in Persons is partners with various NGOs (non-governmental organizations) that have a common mission - to end human trafficking.

NGO Partners


DNA Prokids

DNA Pro Kids is an international project aimed at fighting against traffic in human beings using genetic identification of victims and their families, especially in children. It is an initiative of the University of Granada Genetic Identification Laboratory, in collaboration with the University of North Texas Center for Human Identification and the Council for Justice of the Regional Government of Andalusia.



Global Sentry Group

Global Sentry Group is an organization that will target those who oppress and enslave others through trafficking and sexual predation.



STARfish Project

Founded by nursing professor Barbara Moynihan, Ph.D., APRN, AFN, FAAN in 2012, the STARfish Project comprises a group of national experts from various professional disciplines who are committed to taking action against human trafficking from a healthcare standpoint. The team has identified areas in healthcare policy that can be addressed by updating policy and educating clinicians regarding the assessment and comprehensive treatment of trafficking survivors.