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Study Strategies

How can you be a successful student?

Most students have a set of study skills that came naturally to them. There are other skills that are developed with practice and time.  There may also be study skills that you are unaware of that will be very helpful as you make your way through college and beyond.  These tips and tools will help you develop your own personal set of effective strategies to learn deeply and remember longer.

Note Taking

10 Tips for Note TakingLearn how to organize your notes and improve your note taking skills

Listen Actively and Take Great Notes:(

Note Taking Systems (

Cornell Method Note Taking 

Outline Method Note Taking (

Concept Mapping (


Textbook Reading

Textbook Reading Strategies (

Annotating Your Textbook (

  • Textbook Annotation Example


Test Preparation

Tips for Preparing for Exams: Use these tips to develop study habits in preparation for exams

Tips for Studying: These 10 easy steps will help you develop stress-free study habits 

Five Day Study Plan:(

Study Cycle:(

Emergency  Test Preparation: (

Improve Your Memory: (

Test Taking Strategies: (