Academic Advising

Advising is an integral part of a college education. The academic advisor-student relationship is one of the most important that you will encounter as a college student.

Goals of Academic Advising:

Explore Life Goals: Help students clarify their values and goals.

Explore Educational and Career Goals: Lead students to better understand that nature and purpose of higher education.

Provide Information on Academic Program: Provide accurate information about educational options, policies, and procedures.

Selection of Courses/Electives and Plan Course Schedule: Plan an educational program consistent with a student’s interests and abilities.

Connect to Campus Resources: Integrate the many resources of the university to meet the student’s special educational needs and aspirations.


Responsibilities of Advisors:

Help students define and develop realistic goals.

Identify special needs.

Match students’ needs  with available resources and make appropriate referrals

Assist students with planning programs consistent with their abilities and interests.

Monitor students’ progress.

Discuss linkage between academic preparation and the world of work.


Responsibilities of Advisees:

Gather all relevant decision-making information.

Clarify personal values and goals.

Become knowledgeable about college programs, policies, procedures and requirements, i.e. add/drop deadlines, graduation, and general education requirements.

Accept responsibility for decisions.


Preparation for Advisor Meeting:

Schedule a meeting with your academic advisor.

Make arrangements to take care of any alerts you may have on your account.

Review your degree audit and consider classes for next semester.

Outline a tentative course schedule to review with your advisor.

Bring copies of important documents declaration/change of major/program forms and/or minor forms.

Brainstorm potential questions to ask your academic advisor.

Arrive on time for your appointment

Call to reschedule if you cannot make the appointment


General Guidelines for Making the Most of Your Advisor Meeting:

Call or email your advisor to schedule an appointment.

Arrive on time for your appointment.

Call to reschedule if you cannot make the appointment.

Prepare potential questions to ask your academic advisor.

Share your education and career goals. 


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