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For Students

Your path to success is right in front of you. And there are a lot of people here to help!  We understand that managing your way through college takes time, and the University of New Haven wants to help you stay focused on achieving your ultimate goal - Graduation!

How can Starfish help you?

Success Path
  • My Success Path: Create tangible plans that include personal, career or academic goals. Personally track your path towards achieving your successful goals. The Success Path will also include recommended actions to help you accomplish your goals from members of your Success Network.
    • Faculty and staff can create "Kudos"  to acknowledge your success as a student.
    • "Flags" can be raised to alert you and relevant members of your Success Network that they are concerned about your success.

My Success Network: You will find a network of faculty, advisors and staff that are invested in your success while at the University of New Haven.  In the Success Network, you can find a detailed list of services and contact information to link you to those services. 
  • View calendars and available office hours for members in your Success Network
  • Make online appointments directly through Starfish that work with your own schedule.
Success Network