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For Advisors

Keeping track of all of your advisees can be overwhelming, not to mention limiting, when it comes to providing support to those who need it most.Starfish can help you prioritize, keep track of your efforts and close the loop with instructors and staff members on campus.

How can Starfish help you?

  • Advisee List: View your entire advisee list through Starfish complete with contact information and academic history (GPA, schedule, # of credits, etc.)
  • Flags: Faculty and staff can raise a "flag” to alert students and relevant members of the student's Success Network that they are concerned.  When a "flag" is raised concerning academic performance, attendance, and social or emotional concerns, you will be notified immediately about their concerns. This is an effort to increase communication among faculty, students and staff members across campus.
  • Student Success Network:  View your advisee's individual support network ranging from instructors and advisers to staff members.  Refer your students to appropriate departments on campus while tracking meetings with their Success Network members.
    • Close the Loop: After a flag has been raised for a student, members of the Success Network can clear the flag and "close the loop" informing you that the student has been reached and the concern has been alleviated.  
  • Online Appointments: Avoid back-and-forth emails from students that can delay important advising meetings and consume your valuable time.  By utilizing the appointments feature, you can create office hours for students to sign up for appointments directly through Starfish. 
  • Reports: Keep track of individual student meeting within your department.  View early alert summaries for your students and the actions that have been taken by the student and other departments on campus.