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Success on the Road

Success on the road is a collaborative initiative between a variety of departments. This program offers faculty the opportunity to invite professional staff into the classroom to present several topics relevant to college success. This is a great option for a faculty member who might have to cancel class due to a personal or professional obligation. However, these presentations are also available for faculty who simply want to supplement their course instruction with one of the options listed below.

Campus Recreation  

  • Exercise Safety: Provided by Campus Recreation - Fitness and Wellness
  • Dimensions of Wellness: Provided by Campus Recreation - Fitness and Wellness
  • Stress Management: Provided by Campus Recreation - Fitness and Wellness
  • Spiritual Wellness: Provided by Campus Recreation - Fitness and Wellness
  • Having an Attitude of Gratitude: Provided by Campus Recreation - Fitness and Wellness
  • Social Media and Your Online Persona: Provided by Campus Recreation - Fitness and Wellness

Career Development

  • Career and Major Exploration: Students will learn about the process of self-assessment as it relates to career development.  The online assessment FOCUS will be discussed.
  • Resumes and Cover Letters: Students will learn industry standards on resumes and cover letters as well as how to market themselves effectively through these documents.
  • Interviewing Techniques: Strategies for a successful interview will be reviewed as well as the various types of interview techniques students may face.
  • Internship Search Strategies: The various methods for conducting an effective internship search will be discussed.
  • Job Search Strategies: The various methods for conducting an effective job search will be discussed.
  • Graduate School Preparation: From the search process to application materials, the steps to research graduate schools will be reviewed.
  • Personal Branding: Students will learn how to develop their personal brand to market themselves for future career opportunities.
  • Career Fair Preparation (Prior to scheduled Career Fairs): Tips on how to succeed at a career fair will be provided.
  • Identifying Transferable Skills: Students will learn about the concept of transferable skills as well as complete a worksheet to identify the skills they possess.
  • LinkedIn and Networking: Students will learn the importance of LinkedIn and networking when conducting a job or internship search.
Financial Aid  
  • Financial Literacy: Provides information regarding satisfactory academic progress as it pertains to financial aid or filing the FAFSA.


  • Information Literacy Basics: Teaches students to think about the information they find and to critically evaluate information to determine its suitability for the information need at hand.
  • Demystifying Databases: Students will learn the benefits of using library databases for their information needs. Covers the different types of information found in databases. Discusses internet research vs. Databases.
  • Finding Resources in the Library: Students will complete activities to enable them to become proficient in using the library to find information, both in the library and online.

Academic Success Center  

  • Introduction to the Centers for Advising and Student Resources: Students will learn about the services of the First-Year Success Center, the Academic Success Center, and the Center for Learning Resources.     
  • Making the Transition to College Level Learning: We can help students begin to think critically and understand classroom expectations. 
  • Taking and Utilizing Class Notes: Provides students with an effective way to take notes, listen actively, and helps students increase the amount of information they can recall and utilize from lectures.
  • Academic Integrity:  Helps students to understand the many sides of academic Integrity and are more ways one can cheat than copying someone else work.
  • Time Management: Helps students evaluate how they currently spend their time and to look ahead and break down tasks to make them manageable.
  • Memory Strategies: Students will learn memory principles and the stages of learning, student will learn memory techniques for learning information, and student will learn how to apply the memory principles to coursework.  
  • Understanding Degree Audit, GPA, and Transcripts: Students will be introduced to Degree Audit.  and the differences between, CORE requirements, major requirements, restrictive electives, and electives.  Students will be taught how to calculate their GPA and how to interpret their transcript.   
  • Reading Strategies and Learning New Terms: Provides students with strategies to read the textbook and relate information to things that are interesting to them.  We will provide students with active reading techniques and practice extracting main ideas from texts.
  • Exam Preparation Strategies and Post-Exam Review: Helps students to be more strategic in how they prepare for exams and to understand why it is important to always review returned work. 

Office of the Dean of Students

  • Student Conduct System: Review of Code of Conduct, Charger compact and Disciplinary System. Administered through a Jeopardy type game that engages students. Staff are available afterwards to answer questions.

Office of Intercultural Relations

  • Speak Up and Take a Stand: Student Leaders' Roles in Creating an Inclusive Campus Environment. This interactive presentation will help students understand the impact of biased language and stereotypes; explore barriers to speaking up; develop and practice ways to respond; and learn about University of New Haven campus resources which support the creation and maintenance of an inclusive campus.


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