Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property

University of New Haven Technology Transfer – Putting Our Intellectual Property to Work

The University of New Haven technology transfer team is responsible for the identification, protection, marketing and licensing of intellectual assets developed by University of New Haven faculty, staff and, in some cases, students.

The ultimate goal of the technology transfer program is to:

  • help realize the social and commercial value of University of New Haven discoveries,
  • accelerate the pace in which discoveries reach commercial reality,
  • bring proper recognition to the university and its many innovators.
  1. The University of New Haven is committed to achieving these goals in a manner that is consistent with the mission, values, and culture of our community. 

Technology transfer at the University of New Haven is yet another manifestation of our pursuit of Experiential Learning, by actively seeking ways in which University of New Haven innovations can be successfully introduced into the marketplace through partnering with commercial entities.

We look forward to having you join us in these endeavors and encourage you to explore this section of the website. Contact us to learn more about the University of New Haven and its many opportunities for collaboration.

About Technology Transfer at the University of New Haven

The mission of technology transfer at the University of New Haven is to actively support the overall University’s mission by helping to identify and guide innovations and intellectual assets developed by its faculty, from the discovery stage to commercial reality. We seek to accomplish this through judicious investments in select opportunities and productive partnering with peer institutions and the commercial sector.

The University’s Technology Transfer Philosophy:

  • A commitment to support faculty research in a variety of ways. The administration believes that a progressive technology transfer program can provide a strong form of educational support.
  • A belief that the technology transfer process, properly administered, aligns perfectly with the University’s dedication to leadership in Experiential Education.
  • Pursuit of a variety of opportunities to work with commercial partners to our mutual benefit.
  • The University of New Haven researchers are engaged in a wide variety of research, both theoretical and applied.  When discoveries are determined to have potential commercial value, the technology transfer team develops and implements a commercialization strategy that:
    • Is consistent with the University of New Haven’s mission, values, and culture
    • Brings the discovery to commercial reality in as rapid and as reliable a manner as possible
  • Obtains appropriate recognition and reward for the University and its innovators

Stuart Sidle, Associate Provost 

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Stuart Sidle, Associate Provost