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Payroll Tax Forms

Federal Form W-4 and Connecticut Form W-4 are available in the Payroll Office or may be downloaded using the links below:

Download Federal Form W4

The Connecticut W-4 is also available.

Download CT W4

The CT Department of Revenue Services provides support in completing the CT Form W-4 for any employee who is uncertain of their tax liability:

Connecticut Form W-4 Assistant

For support in completing the federal Form W-4:

Federal W-4 Assistant  

The following link can be used to verify correct withholding, obtain a new CT-W4 form or seek additional information from the Connecticut Department of Revenue Service web site.

Connecticut Department of Revenue Services

Please note:  If you claim exemption from Federal tax withholding, your exemption ends each calendar year on February 15th.  In order to continue your exemption, you must submit a new From W-4 prior to February 15th each year.  If a new Form W-4 is not completed prior to February 15th, tax withholding will be as if the employee were single,claiming no withholding allowances until a new Form W-4 is completed.