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Foundations for Success Program

"College is the time to make mistakes, take a bizarre class, join that leadership club, no matter what road you travel down, you will not leave UNH the same person you came in as." ~ Melissa Norman '12

Vision for the Program

The Foundations for Success Program is an important component of the University of New Haven’s First-Year Success Center. We understand that the First-Year transition to a university setting can be both exciting and difficult. The purpose of this program is to aid in the successful transition of new students to the University of New Haven by connecting them with upper-class students who serve as role-models, mentors, and knowledgeable resources. The program consists of 3 components: a traditional academic course, personal mentor, and tailored monthly events to foster connectedness to the ease the transition into UNH.  

What is involved?

 In the classroom, students will receive the academic skills and tools to succeed at UNH, while being mentored by paraprofessional Success Captains, and socially immersed in monthly events that allow students to create life-long ties in the university community.  The purpose of the program is to build a support system for each student that addresses academic, personal, and social needs. The Foundations of Success Program meets this goal by actively increasing student-to-student interaction, faculty-student interaction, campus involvement, familiarity with campus resources, and an overall engagement by creating a realistically applicable curriculum. 

Who can participate?

First-year students will be invited on behalf of the First-Year Success Center, to participate in the Foundations for Success Program. The First-Year Success Center is located in Maxcy Hall Suite 106, Phone: (203) 479-4584. 

Why should students participate?

The first year transition into a university setting can be exciting yet difficult for most students. All students can benefit from a mentor-led smooth transition into university life and pave the foundation for their entire UNH experience. Students will gain personal academic skills to thrive in and outside of the classroom as well as be exposed to the various forms of campus involvement. Students who take the early steps to form an academic and social support system at the University of New Haven tend to become and/or strengthen self-sufficiency and feel more confident towards successfully maneuvering through the trials and successes of university life.  

What does the academic course look like?

The Foundations for Success Program holds a weekly traditional academic course taught by a faculty/staff member and a Success Captain. The course serves to reinforce academic, social, and personal skills to increase the likelihood of success as a member of the University of New Haven community. The curriculum within the course is tailored to the specific needs of first-year students, operating from a perspective that understands the strengths, interests, and obstacles facing these students. The students are able to engage in group and individual mentoring sessions with Success Captains while also working in teams to further connectedness and teamwork. A major aspect of the course is the infusion of monthly social events to further familiarize students with university life, campus involvement, and strengthen bonds with peers.