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Coaching Plans

Select a Coaching Plan that meets your unique needs.

1. Meet Weekly:

  • Receive consistent time management assistance
  • Discover talents & build academic skills
  • Be monitored academically
  • Explore majors
  • Set weekly time-bound goals
  • Coordinate academic & social balance
  • Develop a hands-on plan for conquering tough courses
  • Work with your coach to identify resources to aid you on your journey
  • Attend workshops to aid in skill development and progression toward goals

 2. Meet Every Other Week:

  • Set personal and academic goals for the semester
  • Meet to discuss academic progress reports
  • Discuss challenges & achievements
  • Continue to check progression toward your goals throughout the semester

 3. Meet Monthly:

  • Get to know your coach and let me get to know you!
  • Discuss 4-week progress reports, 8-week progress reports, and midterm grades
  • Discuss challenges and work with your coach to develop solutions
  • Work with your coach to prepare for final exams