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Faculty Resources

The First-Year Success Center can support you by:

  • Serving as a referral for students in your classes or with whom you work who need assistance with study skills, academic planning, time management, test taking strategies, and other self regulation skill building strategies.
  • Following up on early alert referrals for students experiencing academic difficulty or who are not satisfied with their experience at UNH.
  • Presenting programs for students, faculty, or staff that focus on student success issues and strategies.
  • Identifying resources that might be of most help to a specific student of concern.
  • Assisting with registration and advisement individually or in small groups.
  • Working with you to design and present workshops that meet the needs of our first-year students.

You are all welcome to stop by our office in Maxcy 106 to learn more about the First-Year Success Center and enjoy a cup of coffee. You can also use our space to meet with students/advisees and/or to conduct workshops. Please email us at if you are interested in learning more about the possible utilization of our space.