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About the CLR

The CLR is located in the lower level of the Marvin K. Peterson Library. It includes: the Math, Science, and Business Lab; the Writing Lab; the Computer Lab; the Peer Tutoring Program; and our Workshop Series.

In the Center for Learning Resources (CLR), students can find academic support with writing assignments and presentations, ESL, and most freshman- and sophomore-level courses in math, science, and business.  Some upper-level undergraduate assistance is provided as well, but graduate-level support is predominantly restricted to the Writing Lab and Computer Lab and does not typically cover class-based content.  However, there are graduate peer tutors on staff for select subjects, and they do cover class-based content.  The Peer Tutoring Program consists of about 15 tutors based out of satellite locations around campus and generally offers help with major-specific classes for undergraduate and select graduate programs.  We provide free tutoring and writing skills assistance to help students with good grades who want to do even better as well as those who are struggling and want to improve.

CLR Mission Statement

The mission of the Center for Learning Resources (CLR) is to provide academic content support to the students of the University of New Haven using metacognitive strategies that help students become aware of and learn to apply optimal learning processes in the pursuit of creating independent learners.  CLR tutors focus sessions on discussions of concepts and processes and typically use external examples to help students grasp and apply the material.  In the Writing Lab, tutors address papers with the goals of helping students recognize patterns of strengths and weaknesses and learning to independently correct the latter.  The CLR promotes an environment of nonjudgmental support, listening to the needs of our students, and working to provide lessons geared toward the individual learning style of each student.

  1. Math, Sci., & Bus. Lab

    The Math, Science, and Business Lab offers undergraduate students predominantly small-group tutoring in subjects such as:  accounting, biology, biostatistics, chemistry, economics, engineering, mathematics, physics, and quantitative analysis. We also staff tutors in social science courses such as psychology, sociology, and statistics. Students may sign up for appointments with tutors in increments of 30 minutes. There are three types of tutors in the Math, Science, and Business Lab: professional tutors with a master's degree or higher and college-level teaching experience in their field(s), graduate student tutors, and peer/undergraduate tutors who have displayed special expertise in their subject(s).
  2. Writing Lab

    The Writing Lab offers undergraduate and graduate students help with writing, reading, documentation, presentation, and ESL support through individualized tutoring sessions with professional tutors. Our tutors have earned a master's degree or higher and possess relevant university-level teaching experience.

    The goal of each session is not to proofread a paper but to help the student become a better writer by focusing on both the strengths and the skill areas in need of improvement. Our tutors provide help in areas such as composition, lab reports, and resumes and cover letters.  Content help at the introductory level is also provided in core courses such as: communications, history, forensic science, theater, Chinese, French, Spanish, reading and writing fundamentals, and literature.

    During the school year, tutors in the Writing Lab are available by appointment and for drop-in help. Please call 203.932.7215 or by using our online scheduling assistant to make an appointment. Students may sign up for up to three, 30-minute appointments per week. Please call 203.932.7215 at least two hours before your appointment if you will not be able to make your appointment.

  3. Computer Lab

    The Computer Lab offers UNH students, faculty, and staff access to computers for their word-processing, data entry, spreadsheet, and Internet needs. Tutors are available to help with SPSS, graphic design, desktop publishing, and some elements of CSCI 1107 and CSCI 1110 as well as Microsoft Office.

  4. Peer Tutoring Program

    The philosophy behind the Peer Tutoring Program is that peer tutors are a great resource as they have taken the same classes that you are taking, often with the same professor(s).  Therefore, they are prepared to give you “the inside scoop” on what you need to do, and how you should do it, to succeed in the course.

    Our peer tutors are situated around campus, typically in areas associated with their department.  Therefore, you will find the Dental Hygiene tutors in the dental hygiene conference room, the Fire Science tutors in the Fire Science first floor lounge of Echlin Hall, and so forth.  Peer tutors possess set schedules for the semester so that you can drop by at your convenience. You may make an appointment with peer tutors by using our online scheduling assistant or visit us on a first-come, first-served, walk-in basis, whether it is with a complex series of concepts or one element of a problem.

    Graduate peer tutors support a select number of programs. Graduate peer tutoring runs in conjunction with the graduate trimester schedule, whereas undergraduate peer tutoring runs in conjunction with the undergraduate semester schedule.