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Are your students struggling in class? Come to the CLR!

The mission of the Center for Learning Resources (CLR) is to provide academic content support to the students of the University of New Haven using metacognitive strategies that help students become aware of and learn to apply optimal learning processes in the pursuit of creating independent learners.  CLR tutors focus sessions on discussions of concepts and processes and typically use external examples to help students grasp and apply the material.  In the Writing Lab, tutors address papers with the goals of helping students recognize patterns of strengths and weaknesses and learning to independently correct the latter.  The CLR promotes an environment of nonjudgmental support, listening to the needs of our students, and working to provide lessons geared toward the individual learning style of each student.


 Weekly Email Notifications

The Center for Learning Resources offers a weekly notification service to all professors at the University of New Haven.  When a student visits a tutor at the CLR, they are asked if they wish to report the visit to their instructor.  All visits by students who confirm this feature are generated as reports which are sent out on Monday of each week.  The report will include the student, the tutor, the length of visit and any session notes, which allows the professor to determine what areas the student may be struggling in.

Student viist reports are also sent out around midterms and finals for undergraduate students.  If you have any questions regarding a student's visit, pelase feel free to contact Ms. Debbie Malewicki at


Tutor Candidates

Do you know an outstanding student who might be interested in tutoring for the CLR?  Student tutors need to maintain a 3.4 GPA and receive A-range grades for the subject they are tutoring.  If you know any students who meet these requirements, be sure to inform Ms. Debbie Malewicki at  Thank you for your support!

  1. Class Syllabus

    Send a copy of your class syllabus or assignments so our tutors can better aid your students! 

    Documents can be emailed to

  2. Contact Us

    The CLR is located on the Lower Level of the Marvin K. Peterson Library.